A1 Speed Wax Plus3

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Effective paint protection.

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A1 Speed ​​Wax PLUS 3 protects against weather and environmental impacts. Faded sheet gets the color intensively restored.
A1 Speed ​​Wax PLUS 3 is high quality and provides a high gloss mirror finish without stripes. Using wax nanoparticles, A1 Speed ​​Wax Plus 3 creates a high gloss and a protective surface for up to 6 months.

It leaves no white traces on plastic parts and is suitable for all types of lacquer (metallic and normal lacquer, even nano or scratch resistant lacquer).

Particularly suitable for finishing polished lacquer prepared with A1 Speed ​​polish or A1 Ultra Clean & Polish.

The A1 Speed ​​Wax PLUS 3 is free of solvents and thus protects the environment.

500 ml

Item number: 2630